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What does a pro-entrepreneurship public policy look like? It requires an openness to new people and new ideas. It requires us to imagine what someone was doing in the minutes before they became ane entrepreneur: they were a student, an immigrant, an ordinary worker.

We have to have policies that encourage ordinary people to take new risks and try new things. These policies are not easily categorized as "right" or "left," so they get lost in the din of campaign coverage: abolishing non-compete agreements, portable health insurance, open regulations that allow new business models, open data and government APIs, appropriate bankruptcy laws, patent reform...

If you study the candidates' campaign websites, whitepapers, and promises, you'll realize there is only one choice. I personally will be enthusiastically and unapologetically voting for Hillary Clinton, and I hope you will too. 

Eric Ries, Co-Founder, Catalyst Recruiting, IMVU Inc.; Author, The Lean Startup


Trump's economic policies create negative business uncertainty, from damaging global and trade relations, to tax policies that balloon the deficit, to politicizing the Federal Reserve. We can expect interest rates to shoot up and economic growth to slow dramatically.

Jerry Jasinowski, Former President, National Association of Manufacturers (Washington, DC)



A Trump presidency threatens the stability of the global economy, will reduce economic opportunities for the vast majority of Americans, and will damage our global reputation and ability to engage with global markets and trade.

Jeremy Allaire, CEO, Circle (Boston, MA)


According to USA Today, Trump has brought 1,900 different law suits against others. And a court in Toronto just recognized his 7th $100 million-plus bankruptcy. When a business person hears just those two facts, they know Trump is to business what an arsonist is to a happy home.

Jim Boyle, CEO & Chairman, Sustainability Roundtable & Former College Republican Leader (Concord, MA )


Although bankruptcy can be a necessary and humane way to re-start or terminate a failing business, Mr. Trump has earned a reputation for repeatedly using it to unfairly deprive unsuspecting customers, suppliers, and business partners of the benefits to which they are entitled. Someone who resorts to such business practices and then brags about them, even calling it "smart business," is hardly fit to run our country.

Some believe that America needs a "businessperson" to improve the economy. Mr. Trump’s particular kind of business, however, often seems to involve trampling the honest, hard-working people who help him accomplish his goals, and then refusing to live up to basic commitments such as paying bills. This approach is anathema to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Bill Cummings, Founder, Cummings Properties (Boston, MA)


As a business owner who has seen ups and downs over the past 21 years, I am horrified to see Donald Trump cheat his vendors and treat working- and middle-class small business people with such disrespect and contempt. The way he treats and views women, minorities and immigrants is a disgrace to our country.

Amy Edelman, Owner, Night Kitchen Bakery (Bala Cynwyd, PA)


Trump Trifecta (1) dangerous for international relations (2) bad for business and (3) degrading to women and minorities. Older Americans - ask your children which candidate is best for their future.

Paul English, Co-Founder, Lola, KAYAK and GetHuman (Boston, MA)


I publish books on a variety of subjects. They are large format, full color, and feature my photography. If it costs me an average of $8.00 to have it printed in China and is sold at a cost of $50.00 in the Ù.S., $42.00 of those dollars circulate in our country. Designers, writers, distributors, retailers etc. reap a benefit from that economic process...Trump himself knows this. All of his retail items are made overseas, but he seems unwilling to look at the problem realistically.

Robert Flischel, Owner, Robert A. Flischel photography (Cincinnati, OH)


My partners and I recently sold our small agency to, and joined, a much larger agency. After many years of working for other companies, I got the chance to experience life as a business owner; taxes, responsibility for the well being and security of my employees, investment in my community.

My number one lesson: taking care of the whole is how you take care of yourself. "Win-win" is possible, and it's clear that Donald Trump does not understand that. We were and are still guided by 3 rules: Do what’s right. Do the best you can. Show others you care. Trump meets none of those standards.

Christopher Graham, VP, Online Marketing (New York, NY)


As a serial entrepreneur and Inc 500 recipient, it's a strange position to be against the business party. The simple fact is that the "business party" has found a billionaire that will be downright bad for the economy…[Rather than] a safe place for investing, growth and jobs, the division that he's created hurts the ability of "we the people" to work together to solve our shared problems.

Andrew Greenawalt, Managing Director, Gnostic Ventures (Monroe, CT)


I have been very vocal about my opposition to Donald Trump. Our country deserves serious leadership, a steady hand, and a President who intends to uphold the values that have made our country the envy of the world.

Lenny Grover CEO, FinToolbox / (Boston, MA)


I'm a mom-and-pop, full service real estate company. I'm self-made, and am in my fifth decade of serving clients in the Berks County community. I was raised conservative and in a Republican registered family…

I would be fine with an outside candidate to change Washington. I like the thought of having a businessman. I'm 63. I'm white, but I'm not angry. That's where a candidate like Donald Trump and I part ways...he began a toxic and vitriolic conversation against nearly every minority, gold star families, people of various faiths and especially women.

My belief is that his conversation has emboldened our enemies, white supremacists and anyone who believes that might makes right...a Trump presidency would take us back fifty years...if Trump gets elected, the world will be a lot less safe.

Gregory Guydish, President, Casper Ward, Ltd (Reading, PA)


Small business is about making a living doing what you love and doing it well--NOT taking as much as you can for yourself and screwing as many people as possible in the process. Trump is terrifyingly dangerous for this country...He is not a business man: he is a con man.

Meg Hagele, Owner, High Point Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)


I think a Trump presidency will be disastrous for American business.

Reed Hundt, CEO, Coalition for Green Capital (New York, NY)


Trump threatens all that has made our country great. This is bigger than party: this is a vote on what kind of nation we will leave for our children, and what values we want to pass down to them.   

The stakes could not be higher. The world is watching. Democrats and Republicans must completely reject Trump and everything he stands for.

Sam Kass, Founder, Trove Worldwide (New York, NY)


As the owner of a collection agency collecting from businesses, Trump is no better than the rest of the deadbeats that don't pay their bills.

Dan Kohlenberg, President, DanCyn Recovery Systems (Bloomington, IL)


Donald Trump's candidacy is a threat towards American continuous innovation. The best entrepreneurs are from humble beginnings. If Trump is elected he will impact immigration and by default impact our growth in the world.

Felix W. Ortiz III, Chairman, CEO & Founder, Viridis Learning, Inc. (New York, NY)


My business supports hundreds of working artists across the country. The monthly checks that we send are for some their primary source of income...Businesses like mine rely on economic growth, political stability, and a strong middle class. A Trump presidency would be a disaster for small businesses like mine.

Ann Pifer, Founder and Owner, The Grand Hand Gallery (St. Paul, MN)


We are a diverse people held together by a common Constitution...We choose leaders who inspire us. This used to define the Republican Party too, before we started trafficking in fear and partisan obstructionism. Now we have a would-be dictator asking us for power....Other countries have seen this before and know it well. They now clearly see a danger that some of us do not.  Our hope to retain our national integrity and to regain the dignity of the Republican Party is to stand up and defeat this assault.

J. Gregory Rosenthal, MD, President, Alliance Retina LLC & Executive Director, Jairus Foundation (Toledo, OH)


As a real estate entrepreneur from the NYC area I have watched "The Donald's" botched real estate career...for instance, destroying irreplaceable relief work from the Bonwit Teller building and awful business practices. With his enormous inherited wealth, if he were not so self-centered and media-hungry, he could have been far wealthier as a Manhattan real estate entrepreneur given the last seven-year inflationary cycle.

Scott Seale, Founding Partner, Novus Equities (Montclair, NJ)


It's very simple. If Mr. Trump is elected and is able to accomplish his goal of a 35% tax on imported products from Asia, it will put the consumer electronics business in a tailspin. The American consumer will pay the burden of this tax. The tax would result in a 50% plus increase to consumers. I don't believe the American worker’s wages will increase to offset this ridiculous proposal.

Alden Stiefel, President/CEO, Maxxsonics USA, Inc. (Libertyville, IL)


As co-founder of a vacation rental website, we know all too well that people vacation when they feel optimistic and hopeful about their future...Trump poisons his followers with anger and pessimism, the very forces that would harm our business, not to mention take the US back 50 years in appreciation for the rights of all peoples.

Jeff Talmadge, CEO and Co-Founder, (Wellesley, MA)


It's astounding to me that a mad with such a terrible business record would hold his failures up as if they were great accomplishments. The man isn't qualified to run a business, and he's even less qualified to lead the greatest nation on earth.

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Zivtech + (Philadelphia, PA)



As a businessman in America, you need everyone around you to be successful for you yourself to succeed. Donald Trump only thinks about himself, which does not create a good business environment.

Jose Andres, Chef and Founder, ThinkFoodGroup (Washington, DC)


Trump's values just do not line up with mine. I do not like the lying, boasting, calling people names, making fun of people. He does not have the temperament or the knowledge to be our commander in chief and President. I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

Wayne Brockney, Owner, WD Consulting (Delray Beach, FL)


The markets operate best in total transparency, yet they are severely punished by surprises and unexpected changes in strategy. I know of no greater representation of unexpected changes based on ill-informed and incomplete data than the life and campaign led by Donald Trump...No investor who upholds its fiduciary responsibility would back an individual like Trump.

Mike Fernandez, Founder and Chairman, MBF Healthcare Partners (Coral Gables, FL)


When you use fear mongering to win public appeal, it never goes well. When Trump scares people about America's future, it will force them to start saving money instead of spending it. Nothing positive comes from being negative.

Michael Held, Owner/Chef, The Wandering Magpie Pub (North Fort Polk, LA)


Suing small vendors is not presidential leadership.  Small vendors are key to the fabric that makes America great.  A trumped-up business is the wrong direction for America.

Kim Keenan, President & CEO, MMTC (Washington, DC)


El comercio se beneficia de la paz y la armonía.  La política de ignorancia, division, odio, y aislamiento del candidato republicano propician desunión y falta de confianza.  El nuevo comercio está basado en multiculturalismo y paz.  Por esto yo voto a favor de la señora Clinton pues ella representa un mejor futuro.

The policy of ignorance, division, hatred and isolationism of the Republican candidate fosters disunity and lack of confidence. The new business model is based on multiculturalism and peace. That is why I’ll vote for Mrs. Clinton. She represents a better future.

Felipe Korzenny, Ph.D., Former President and CEO of Hispanic & Asian Marketing Communication Research (Ocala, FL)


We help business owners exit their business, and new owners enter new businesses. We don't need another recession...Trump will make America crash again!

Thomas Ledbetter, President, Business Transition Network (Estero, FL)


I invest in early stage companies in the technology and data space. All of my companies will lose value, and many will disappear, if Trump wins, due to his total ineptitude on matters of trade and finance.

Dmitri Mehlhorn, Partner, Vidinovo; Former President of Bloomberg Legal BNA (Washington, DC)


Donald Trump says he will abandon NATO and Europe to his friend Putin, he says that Japan and South Korea should arm themselves with nuclear weapons as he abandons Asia to China, and he wants to completely isolate the United States by breaking the NAFTA trade agreements with our neighbor.

How does returning to 1929 make us "Great Again"? This will destroy American jobs, not create them! If Donald Trump's trade policies are enacted, the United States will experience a "commerce freeze" with far worse financial effects for us than 2008...

Trump's evident racism, sexually inappropriate behavior with women, demeaning treatment of the disabled, and anger management / lack or professional behaviors would disqualify him for a position at any level of management with a publicly owned company in the United States. His behavior and personality issues are completely unacceptable for the world's most significant leader.

Edward Mercer, VP - Global Manufacturing (Retired), Electrolux AB (The Villages, FL)


I bring investors from the Middle East to invest in real estate in Central Florida. They have already been liquidating their holdings due to Trump's rhetoric.

Khalid Muneer, President, Jupiter Properties (Orlando, FL)


I have voted Republican in all the Presidential elections since 1968, and have been a significant supporter including being a Republican Eagle. It’s very sad that I cannot support the Republican nominee, as Hillary also has serious issues. But Donald Trump’s lack of personal control and the associated risk makes the decision painful but easy!

Robert Peebler, CEO, The Peebler Group (Houston, TX)


I am a registered Republican.  I am a big Jeb Bush supporter, but between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I am with Her.

Sergio Pino, President, Century Homebuilders Group (Miami, FL)


Pirates have a better business reputation than Donald Trump, primarily because they’re far more effective at what they do. Unlike the rest of American workers, who are are held accountable for our productivity, integrity, intelligence, principal, guts, ability to work with others and knowledge of markets, Donald Trump is at best mediocre in these areas critical to business success. Trump’s business record—and his entire claim as being better qualified than others for the presidency—is a fraud.

Paul Ruppert, Founder, Global Point View Ltd (Washington, DC)


Donald Trump has a well-documented history of stiffing vendors, reneging on contracts and being aggressively litigious with anyone with whom he does business. A thriving, robust economy needs entrepreneurs and businesses of all size, but Trump’s history does not signal a welcoming environment for small business growth.

Jenifer Sarver, Principal, Sarver Strategies (Austin, TX)


As a small business owner, the impact of Trump's policies could be immediate and catastrophic. A Trump election could prompt a market crash and recession, given the disastrous potential impact of his oft-stated commitments to withdraw from NAFTA, levy trade sanctions on China, and cut the US off from the global economy.

Andrew Weinstein, CEO, Ridgeback Communications and former VP of Communications, AOL (Washington, DC)



Trump is a charlatan and a crook--not a business leader. His trade policies are utterly disastrous for the U.S. economy and represent our worst, fear-based protectionist impulses as a society. Our democracy was created to respect and cultivate the best of human ingenuity, creativity, and community. Trump is a threat to our democracy and markets.

Carey Albertine, Owner, In This Together Media (Denver, CO)


This has been an embarrassing chapter in the history of our Democracy and particularly the Republican party....The last two decades have seen the power of the pursuit of the lowest common denominator trump the sort of values we need to applaud and support in our political opponents. This election has shown it is too possible for our electorate to be deceived, we need to find a path forward that promotes what is best about us and refuses to pander to worst selves.

Chris Collins, President, Gateway Management (San Francisco, CA)


The fact that Trump is running for President in large part on his business prowess, and claiming he can “turn the country around” using his own business tactics, is terrifying. His bankruptcies, his 3500 lawsuits, his hateful and discriminatory comments (and alleged illegal hiring practices), his overseas outsourcing….I don’t see any integrity there.  I see plenty of selfishness...He has never chosen America’s best interests over his own, why do we possibly believe he will now?

Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO, FlexJobs (Boulder, CO)


I have always voted Republican, but I registered as an Independent this year so as to not be identified with Trump in any way. I could not bring myself to register Democrat because I am a "real Republican" .... [Trump] is simply not a good human being. He is ethically, morally, and intellectually bankrupt.

Tom Ficara CEO, TVS Global Media (California City, CA)


I am registered independent, but have voted for and donated to many Republican candidates in the past. I am in the real estate industry and see Donald Trump's poor business acumen, lack of knowledge, and inability to focus and concentrate (and read a briefing book) as a great threat to the global economic system, and to the U.S. in particular.

Mike Kapnick, President, Michael Kapnick PC (Portland, OR)


You don't need a neuroscientist to tell you that you don't need a prefrontal cortex to choose between a tremendously accomplished public servant, with perhaps an email indiscretion, and a tax, debt and draft dodging Mussolini quoting failed businessman who preys on the fears of the uneducated, on women, on veterans, on ethnic and religious minorities, on the disabled, on the media, on our civil liberties, who wants to penalize our financial and geopolitical allies, give a free pass to our enemies and sell nukes like girl scout cookies: this is as clear a 'no brainer' as there has ever been.

Dr. Philip Low, Ph.D., Chairman, CEO & Founder, NeuroVigil, Inc. (Silicon Valley, USA; if Trump wins...Canada)


Advancing economic opportunity for American Latinos has significant implications for securing America’s economic prosperity and global competitiveness. Today, Latinos pump about $1.3 trillion into the economy every year; this is projected to top $1.7 trillion by 2020, accounting for a disproportionate amount of growth in US consumer activity.

One of the great economic success stories in America has been the rapid growth of Hispanic entrepreneurs--tripling in the last 25 years...

We have not heard Donald Trump say anything that demonstrates his understanding of the indisputable role that Latinos play in securing American prosperity and competitiveness. On the contrary, his relentless attacks on immigrants and ethnic groups make him an unacceptable choice for president.

Monica Lozano, Former Chairman and CEO, U.S. Hispanic Media (Norwalk, CA)


A Trump presidency will complicate recruiting for me...I am personally opposed to everything Trump represents.

John Minnihan, Founder, (Denver, CO)


I was a commercial trial lawyer for 30 years, which enabled me to see firsthand the responsibilities, needs, and values of the large international businesses I represented in court. Donald Trump is the most toxic cocktail the business world has seen since the Guilded Age of the late 19th century. There are a precious few business leaders who have the capacities to serve as POTUS. Trump has never been, is not, and never will be, a member of that august club.

Preston Moore, Retired Senior Partner, Morrison Foerster (Portland, OR)


By validating the basest human qualities, Trump is actually doing incomprehensible damage to America’s greatness. Democracy itself is being threatened in our own country and questioned globally. If America is seen as less politically stable, the economic consequences are frightening to contemplate.

Our country’s agricultural economy depends on immigrant labor and those workers exemplify the America values of hard work and self determination. They deserve our respect and appreciation, not hatred and scorn. Simply put, it is hard to imagine the American wine industry existing without the support and expertise of its Hispanic workers.

Janet Pagano, Managing Partner, Ovid Napa Valley (St. Helena, CA)


38 years ago I started my own management consulting company. We have worked with well known multinational companies in 19 countries around the world. In 38 years we have never not paid our bills, especially when it comes to our suppliers. We've been audited, and there was never a time when we were told not to share our tax returns.

Donald Trump will be bad for business in the US. I'm with Mark Cuban: Trump is not a real entrepreneur.

Susan Van Vleet President, Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc. (Thousand Oaks, CA)


We're a venture capital fund that invests in early-stage businesses. Anti-immigration and anti-science/tech policy positions harm America's ability to attract the best and brightest engineers. These companies are the engine of new-economy job creation.

Hunter Walk, Partner, Homebrew (San Francisco, CA)


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